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Cabernet Malbec
From $21 per bottle
Cabernet Malbec Cabernet Malbec
A delightful medium-bodied fruit driven blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.
Cabernet Merlot
From $21 per bottle
Cabernet Merlot Cabernet Merlot
This award winning wine shows intense aromatic complexity of blackcurrent, plums and black olives.
Jack Gordon Cabernet Sauvignon
From $43.50 per bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon Jack Gordon Cabernet Sauvignon
Rich with forest berries, plums, mulberries and spicy clove.
From $28.50 per bottle
Muscat Muscat
Aromas of rich raisin fruit and plum pudding that hits the nose.
Reef Knot Late Harvest
From $13.50 per bottle
Verdelho Reef Knot Late Harvest
Inspired by the lifestyle of the Margaret River Region.
Reef Knot Red
From $13.50 per bottle
Shiraz Blend Reef Knot Red
A soft easy drinking wine with a hint of sweetness, ripe berry flavours and soft tannins.
Reef Knot Ruby Red
From $13.50 per bottle
Sweet Reds Reef Knot Ruby Red
A wonderful array of juicy flavours showing a mixture of ripe cherries and raspberries. Wickedly delicious.
Reef Knot White
From $13.50 per bottle
Semillon Reef Knot White
The bouquet displays intense summer fruits of pineapple, peach and white nectarines.
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
From $15 per bottle
2019 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
This classic Margaret River blend is made up of 51% Sauvignon Blanc and 49% Semillon. The bouquet has strong grassy unde
From $21 per bottle
Shiraz Shiraz
Sparkling Moscato
From $15 per bottle
Sweet Sparkling Wine Sparkling Moscato
This vibrant magenta pink sparkling has an aroma of a heady and exotic mix of pink flowers, lychee and musk.
From $15 per bottle
Verdelho Verdelho
This dry style Verdelho shows subtle notes of juicy apples, pears and apricots